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Installation of ThermalBoard

I N S T A L L A T I O N    O F    T H E R M A L B O A R D

  << 1) Make a plan - (see layout deal in the Application Manual)

2) Clean the subfloor - correct high/low points, etc. >>
  << 3) Start from the furthest point from the manifold, placing
boards in your pattern

4) Align boards with short lengths of 3/8"
PEX >>
<< 5) Cut filler boards
and place them in

6) Mark and number the boards for reference >>
<< 7) Pull out boards
and apply construction subfloor adhesive

8) Fit boards in place,
align and staple or
screw in place >>
  << 9) Walk the tubing into the grooves and tap the high points with a
rubber mallet

Download the Application/
Installation Manual HERE!
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